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    Heart of the Warrior
    2018 Men's Weekend

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Will John Eldredge or any of the Ransomed Heart team be at the WEEKEND?
      No, but the message and the flavor of the event are directly patterned after John’s Colorado-based Wild at Heart Boot Camps (with his permission). They just ask us not to use the name. Still, this is a unique event based on what God is doing in our hearts.

    2. Is the Heart of the Warrior WEEKEND the same as the "Wild at Heart Band of Brothers" video series?
      No. Although there are some similarities in the material presented, this experience is very different. Even if you’ve been through the video series, the WEEKEND will have something fresh for you.

    3. What if I haven’t read the book Wild at Heart?
      Although not absolutely necessary, we strongly recommend you read (or re-read) the book during the 3 weeks prior to the Heart of the Warrior WEEKEND to get the most out of the event.

    4. Is there a minimum age requirement to attend?
      Due to the nature and depth of the event, the Heart of the Warrior WEEKEND is not designed for youth. You must be at least eighteen years of age and have completed high school to attend.

    5. What if I can’t make the whole four days?
      Since each part builds on the last, it doesn’t work well if you can’t be there from the start on Thursday night. Also, if you come late, it’s not fair to those who have been there the whole time and are working on the process of getting "unplugged". On the other end, this isn’t "jail". You can choose to leave early, but you’ll lose some of the impact of the event.

    6. So, what is the latest I can come?
      Registration starts at 5pm, supper is at 6pm, the first teaching session starts at 7:30pm. Don’t miss the first teaching session.

    7. Is this going to be a bunch of lectures?
      No. There are teaching sessions followed by times of personal reflection. Also, there will be free time to use as you wish - take a nap, journal, hike, relax, fish, or participate in the optional adventure activities.

    8. What are some of the optional adventure activities?
      A zip line, high ropes course, climbing wall, skeet shooting, rifle range, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, basketball, disk golf, to name a few. For some, just being away from the cell phone, iPod, laptop, TV, newspaper, kids, wife, and job will be quite an adventure in itself.

    9. What’s going to happen while I’m there?
      We believe that you’re going to have one of the most revolutionary experiences of your life. This is not a typical men’s retreat. It is a full-scale assult to recover your masculine soul. We promise - no fireside guitar, hand-holding or "kum-ba-yah" stuff.

    10. What if I’m not a really religious guy?
      PERFECT! This isn’t about being more religious. "Religion" is about trying to "get it right" and doing more and more stuff to please God. This event is not about that.

    11. But what if I am religious?
      PERFECT AGAIN! We’re not here to knock anyone. So come and see if the religion in your life is really providing what you need to awaken the warrior heart God gave you when you were created.

    12. Should I bring a friend or should I come alone?
      Either is okay. Some may want to come as a group. Others will have a great experience coming alone, finding new and lasting friendships along the way. God knows what you need much more than we do, so let Him lead. Again, it’ll be good either way.

    13. Is this a good father-son event?
      Not really. Although fathers and adult sons occasionally come together, there should be a very clear understanding that this is not intended to be a father-son bonding experience. It would be wise if you asked to be housed separately and try, as practical, to limit your interaction with each other. While we don’t police this or want to put a restriction on what God would do, be forewarned that it typically doesn’t work out very well.

    14. What should I bring?
      Absolutely no ties allowed, so just bring comfortable clothing, towel, a swim suit (optional), personal hygiene items, and a few bucks for the camp store. Some will want their journal or a Bible, but that’s a personal preference.