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    Heart of the Warrior
    2018 Men’s Weekend

    There is something strong, gutsy, and wild in the heart of every man…placed there by God Himself. According to the book Wild at Heart, the reason most messages for men ultimately fail is because they “ignore what is deep and true to a man's heart, his real passions, and simply try to shape him up through various forms of pressure.”

    The last thing men need to hear is that they must shape up and get their act together. Instead, men need a message that awakens their God-given desires for battle, adventure, and rescue shared by every man. They need permission to find their true strength and a vision to live more from a masculine heart for others.

    The message of the Heart of the Warrior weekend is there is a lot more to being a Christian man than the status quo of a church-goin’ nice guy who behaves himself and plays it safe.

    It's time to get your heart back! Come and find what that means for you.